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History of the company

History of the company "Wiener Kaffee" - one of the largest coffee producers in Ukraine - originates in a critical period in our history when the old economic system has collapsed and a new era of private entrepreneurship genesis has begun. Enterprise has passed a difficult way from a tiny cooperative of enthusiasts at the dawn of independence Ukraine, through difficult 90-ties to a large manufacturer who today holds leading positions in the Ukrainian market of natural coffee.

For a quarter century of its existence, first as a production cooperative "Santos" from 1992 - a joint Ukrainian-Austrian enterprise "Wiener Kaffee", founders of which were "Santos" (Lviv) and APTS Trading agents (Vienna), and from 1999 - limited liability company "Wiener Kaffee", company is engaged in processing and selling coffee.

Enterprise "Wiener Kaffee" provides a full cycle of green coffee processing and is one of the largest importers of green coffee in Ukraine and has a wide range of coffee varieties and different countries of origin. To maximize customer satisfaction grate range of green coffee is kept consistently, numbering about 70 monosorts with total weight over 150-200 tons.

Currently, LLC "Wiener Kaffee" possesses its own territory in Lviv city. Administrative offices and production facilities with a total useful floor area over 2000 m2 are located there. Production process at the plant is automated. And productivity is up to 350 tons of coffee per month.

The company constantly updates equipment and introduces new technologies. Production process is implemented and controlled by highly skilled workers – obsmazhyvalnyky, packers, regulators of equipment and others. Team members regularly attend international fairs, become familiar with novelties in coffee production and coffee equipment abroad, particularly in Italy, and adopt experience of foreign colleagues.

During the period of work, our company was repeatedly awarded by the Club of packers of Ukraine with insignias "Package Star of Ukraine" for the development of interesting, original packages for coffee. In 1999 at the World contest of package "World Star" in Argentina, our package (with the panorama of the Lviv city in 1826) was recognized as one of the best packages in the world in the category "Soft drinks".

Our customers are in all regions of Ukraine, among them except end-users there is also a significant number of small, medium and large enterprises – food producers. Sales of coffee are implemented through system of wholesale depots and warehouses and retail network by private entrepreneurs and representatives in regions, who, in turn, cooperate with small and large distributing facilities and also with coffee shops, restaurants and so on.

Enterprise "Wiener Kaffee" confesses principles of quality and professionalism at all stages of work with coffee. We are constantly improving and working on expanding of the range of finished products to meet the desires of the most demanding customers. Our inspiration and patron is the legendary Ukrainian, a native of Lviv, which entered the history of world coffee culture - Yuri Kulchytsky. We are doing everything for the high level development of the Ukrainian coffee consumption culture, save and multiply coffee tradition, presented to us by history.

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