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Enterprise "Wiener Kaffee" provides a full cycle of green coffee processing and is one of the largest importers of green coffee in Ukraine and has a wide range of coffee varieties and different countries of origin. To maximize customer satisfaction grate range of green coffee is kept consistently, numbering about 70 monosorts with total weight over 150-200 tons.

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Our Mission

Enterprise "Wiener Kaffee" confesses principles of quality and professionalism at all stages of work with coffee. We are constantly improving and working on expanding of the range of finished products to meet the desires of the most demanding customers. Our inspiration and patron is the legendary Ukrainian, a native of Lviv, which entered the history of world coffee culture - Yuri Kulchytsky. We are doing everything for the high level development of the Ukrainian coffee consumption culture, save and multiply coffee tradition, presented to us by history.

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Coffee Machines



The path of coffee begins with legends - as it should be for things that have a special power and meaning in our lives. Who really discovered coffee – was it Arab hermit Sheik Omar, or Coptic monks from the Ethiopian monastery in the area Cuff, or Yemeni shepherd Kaldi - we won’t know. And probably this acquaintances with coffee happened independently from each other. And today we can perhaps be infinitely grateful for such a wonderful discovery!

Named "cafe" in the name of the province of Kaffa (or, in another version of the origin of the word "coffee" - which means in Arabic "be strong" and "be bold" because it is so becomes a man who consumes beans or infusions), coffee traveled around the world.

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History of Coffee



Horeca – це скорочення від перших складів трьох англійських слів: Hotel – Restaurant – Cafe/Catering/Casino. Це бізнес-сектор, особливий ринок послуг, утворений підприємствами готельного й іншого гостинного бізнесу. Як будь-який сектор ринку, Horeca має свій набір традицій, свої особливості надання послуг і продажу товарів.

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Coffee Equipment


Production Process

The production process at the plant "Wiener Kaffee" is organized considering stream-lining of production - beginning from the room, which houses the green coffee and ending at the warehouse of finished products. Technological cycle of coffee production includes separation, roasting, grinding and packaging. Due to the varying capacity for individual cycles and to maintain continuity in work, intermediate bunkers, with t a total weight of 32 tons of simultaneous storage, are installed between cycles. Electricity and gas are used for the manufacturing process. There are no by-products and waste. Also, we use reliable weighing systems with high precision for optimal supply of raw materials during processing.

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Coffee Map

For a quarter century of its existence, first as a production cooperative "Santos" from 1992 - a joint Ukrainian-Austrian enterprise "Wiener Kaffee", founders of which were "Santos" (Lviv) and APTS Trading agents (Vienna), and from 1999 - limited liability company "Wiener Kaffee", company is engaged in processing and selling coffee.

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  • «The powers of a man's mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks»

    James Mackintosh
  • «Without my morning coffee I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat»

    Johann Sebastian Bach

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