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Coffee Production


For you to enjoy a cup of sweet drink during a pleasant conversation, coffee every time goes in a complex and interesting journey, traveling from mountainous tropical regions to the table of each connoisseur at all corners of the world. On this way many people work and worry about making everyone who tastes coffee to fall in love with her again and again. Once the coffee has passed the primary processing (dry or wet) immediately after harvest, it is delivered to the production, overcoming thousands of kilometers of ocean and land.

The production process at the plant "Viennese coffee" is organized considering stream-lining of production - beginning from the room, which houses the green coffee and ending at the warehouse of finished products. Technological cycle of coffee production includes separation, roasting, grinding and packaging. Due to the varying capacity for individual cycles and to maintain continuity in work, intermediate bunkers, with t a total weight of 32 tons of simultaneous storage, are installed between cycles. Electricity and gas are used for the manufacturing process. There are no by-products and waste. Also, we use reliable weighing systems with high precision for optimal supply of raw materials during processing.


Coffee quality guarantee starts from green coffee cleaning.

This is a key stage in the processing that delivers significantly higher level of processed material. Green coffee it’s a yellowish or greenish-gray grains with a tart flavor. With them in sacks can be sand, stones, twigs and debris nap of the bag, as well as poor quality and damaged grain. To avoid the influence of these impurities in the final product coffee must be cleaned at the first stage of production.

To clean the coffee, highly sensitive and accurate equipment, which weeded out waste and substandard, dirty and damaged grain with a high level of reliability and accuracy, is needed. At this stage, for the separation of green coffee, company "Viennese coffee" uses zernoseparuvalnu machine "Petkus".


The main purpose of the roasting process is to achieve stable taste bouquet.

This requires equipment for roasting, which allows to adjust the required profile "time - temperature" with flexible control system. This, in turn, gives an opportunity to as clearly as possible set the correct parameters for a particular type of coffee. Peripheral equipment provides comprehensive distribution on the surface and optimal balance of energy. After roasting, coffee passes through another stage of cleaning through rubble separator.

At the stage of roasting, company "Viennese coffee" uses two machines for roasting coffee with each capacity of 120 kg and 240 kg in one process of roasting, and also small roasting machine for small amounts of coffee - for the trial parties, or samples, or exotic varieties of raw materials.

The main advantage and determinant factor of the final product quality at the "Viennese coffee" company (which is often neglected by most manufacturers) is a differentiated approach to roasting coffee. We roast coffee of each sort separately, so as different sorts of coffee have different physical and chemical properties, and therefore require different conditions of temperature processing to preserve the unique taste aromatic qualities of each variety and fullness of this bouquet in mixtures.

Roasted coffee is treated with caution: it is neatly transported, weighed and stored. If coffee is for sale in the beans after roasting and cooling it is sent to a packing plant. In order to preserve maximum taste aromatic properties of the coffee it is roasted just before its packing. Therefore, customer always receives the freshest coffee - and it is also one of the advantages of the "Viennese coffee" company.


The company uses the best coffee grinding mill - with cooled rollers that provides an identical temperature of during milling rolls and doesn’t heat the coffee. For each type of finished product (for preparation in coffee makers, espresso machines, etc.) different value of the roll gap is established. Stable product quality is provided by the reliable roll gap and by efficient cooling rollers system.


To maintain the high quality of products and rich coffee aroma, during packaging multilayer packaging films are used. Also we use a system of vacuum ground coffee packing and system with drawing degassing valve for packaging coffee beans and ground coffee.

At the production of "Viennese coffee" a number of modern packaging machines work:

  • 2 packing machines for packing coffee under vacuum;
  • 3 packing machines for packing coffee weighing 1000 g and 500 g;
  • 3 packing machines for packing coffee weighing 70 g, 100 g, 200 g and 250 g

Qualitative and manufactured in compliance with all technical and technological requirements production - coffee in beans and ground coffee of manufacturer "Viennese coffee" is always fresh and tasty and loved by hundreds of thousands of our customers.

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